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Lyster Farms Ltd. was incorporated in 1963 and has been continuously producing and selling pedigreed seed since that time. Lyster Farms is a family farm whose members include Select growers of cereal grains and Foundation growers of canola.

Production, processing, wholesaling and retailing has included wheat, winter wheat, barley, hulless barley, canola, oats, triticale, fall rye, field peas, faba beans as well as some grasses and forages.

Cleaning facilities include aspirator, buffer, indent, wind and screen, precision graders, specific gravity, and spirals. Although the majority of product is handled in bulk, bagging and mini-bulk bags are also used. As well as seed cleaning, cleaning of peas for export, malt barley cleaning, and removal of ergot from commercial grains is also done.



Our Farm

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